The Real Issues With Rome.

This is an excellent teaching tool from Dr. James R White of Alpha and Omega Ministries. You will learn more about Protestant doctrine versus the teachings of the RCC (i.e. Roman Catholic Church). I encourage you to view the video.

I very much appreciated the conversation between George Farmer and Allie Beth Stuckey on the issues between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. I listened to the conversation and wish to offer some thoughts from someone who has spent decades on this topic.

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You may view more videos on the Alpha and Omega Ministries YouTube channel.

10 responses to “The Real Issues With Rome.”

  1. Thanks for posting this video. I will be listening later today. I watched the full discussion between George Farmer and Allie Beth Stuckey and hosted by Candace Owens. Allie Beth did a decent job, but I commented to someone that I wished James R. White had been there to debate Farmer instead.

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    1. You’re welcome brother Tom. I am going to go listen to that podcast. It did seem she required more knowledge to adequately answer RCC claims. Many times an RCC adherent or apologist can make a claim and it appears to be a fortified position. Unfortunately, that is because the individual does not challenge the assertions adequately. Dr. White definitely has the CV to expose Rome’s errors. It would be good for people read and listen to his material in addition to having an adequate historical knowledge of the issues. Additionally, the topics on RCC are huge and impossible to cover in a single podcast. Scope should be defined so one has time to do the appropriate deep dive on the subject, see common errors, objections and the answers to them.

      Allie Beth is good to listen to.

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      1. KR, Amen to all of your comments. Yes, I’ve listened to Allie Beth previously. She does a good job and I don’t mean to disparage her. But on this occasion, Farmer’s arguments and claims required someone with more knowledge of RC-ism like White. Oh, well. I know I will enjoy this video.

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      2. Thanks for the information. It is greatly appreciated as is your work. I don’t see you disparaging anyone at all. True comments re: a podcast. Always good to get another perspective and viewpoint. Have a wonderful day brother! 😀

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      3. Thanks for all and have a great day, yourself? May I ask your first name or do you wish to keep it KR?

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      4. Thanks, brother Michael!

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    2. glad to see you here Tom!

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      1. Thanks, Jimmy! I’m glad I came across Michael.

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