May 9th: Morning Spurgeon – Summer Break

We will be taking a break from the Morning Spurgeon posts while we work on redesigning our site and finishing the audio bible recording project.

We will have these placeholder posts and come back and update them. There will also be a Spurgeon page where you will be able to pick and choose the posts you wish to view on any given day.

Thank you for your patience and Spurgeon will be back!

3 responses to “May 9th: Morning Spurgeon – Summer Break”

  1. HOpe the site gets better!

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    1. Thank you brother! I have not been on a year yet and my mother has been critically I’ll the past few years so O did not take time out yet to look at building out the site on WordPress. Looking forward to making it more functional and user friendly. Soli Deo Gloria!

      A happy Mother’s Day to your mother and your wife! Have a wonderful day celebrating mothers. Thank God for the godly women in our lives

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      1. Aww same to you and your mother; praying for your mother

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