The Great Debate VII – Veneration of Saints and Images

Affirming the practice of praying to and venerating dead saints and images is biblical is Catholic Apologist: Patrick Madrid

The Negative response to the debate question is: Dr. James R White. 

This is an excellent teaching tool to learn more about Protestant doctrine versus the teachings of the RCC (i.e. Roman Catholic Church). I encourage you to view the debate.

Is the practice of praying to and venerating dead saints and images biblical?

James White vs Patrick Madrid

This debate, which took place in 2002 on Long Island, NY, focuses on the subject of prayer to and veneration of saints and images that represent them. Its participants are Patrick Madrid, a Roman Catholic apologist and editor of Envoy Magazine, and Dr. James White. Madrid defends the proclamation that veneration of saints and images is consistent with the Bible and Christian tradition, asserting that, as saints are fellow members of the body of Christ, they therefore are able to receive prayers from believers and intercede on the behalf of their brothers and sisters. Further, he asserts that icons and images help call for us to imitate the saints and act as memorials of honor to them. Dr. White, who denies that proclamation, demonstrates the fallacy of this position by revealing the false dichotomy created by Roman Catholicism on the terms latria and dulia, demonstrates from Scripture that prayer is an act of worship designated for God alone. This debate helps clarify the issue between Roman Catholics and Protestants on what constitutes veneration and is veneration appropriate at any time to anything other than God. It also helps us to understand the role our deceased brethren in the faith is not intercessory and that prayer belongs to God alone.

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