Cooper Stuff Ep. 154 – 6 Christians Killed and the Wrath of Jezebel

Here is a link to a one hour 14 minute long Cooperstuff podcast episode 154 by the founder and lead of the Christian band Skillet John Cooper entitled: 6 Christians Killed and the Wrath of Jezebel.

A week ago there was a terrible mass shooting at a Christian school. President Biden and the media have both ignored key aspects of the shooting, namely, that Christians were the victims and a trans person was the shooter. This response shows the level of hostility towards Christianity, and the level of danger that is approaching. We discuss how the current tyranny of the left is similar to Jezebel; how we must stand for truth; and finally, we discuss how the overturning of the social order occurred so quickly.

► Buy John’s new book, Awake & Alive to Truth: Finding Truth in the Chaos of a Relativistic World

2 responses to “Cooper Stuff Ep. 154 – 6 Christians Killed and the Wrath of Jezebel”

  1. He’s more courageous and biblical than many preachers today

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    1. Amen on that one brother! We need more like you and John to speak God’s truth plainly.

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