4/4/23 History Audio Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 16-20

Go to Hearing the Word and listen to today's Bible reading.

Hearing The Word is a daily audio file of Holy Scripture from Lord on the Road which is affiliated with Berean Crossroads.

The plan is designed to take you through the Bible in a year in various formats. However, you may just want to hear certain Scripture readings w/o following the entire plan. Either way, hearing the Word of God is what matters most.

For 2023, we will be providing a single, daily audio file. This 52 week plan will take you through the Bible in a unique way:

Sunday: A reading from the Epistles.
Monday: A reading from the Law.
Tuesday: A reading from History.
Wednesday: A reading from the Psalms.
Thursday: A reading from Poetry.
Friday: A reading from Prophecy.
Saturday: A reading from the Gospels.

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