The Great Debate VI – Purgatory

Affirming Purgatory is Catholic Apologist: Peter Stravinskas

The Negative response to the debate question is: Dr. James R White. 

This is an excellent teaching tool to learn more about Protestant doctrine versus the teachings of the RCC (i.e. Roman Catholic Church). I encourage you to view the debate.

Is it necessary to have the sins purged of those who are in Christ Jesus before they can go to heaven? This is the famous/infamous “Pay now, pay later” debate, so named for Dr. Stravinskas’ response to a question regarding a passage from Tobit. This debate quickly drifts off of Purgatory to the underlying issue of authority and Rome’s claim to it. A very eye-opening dialogue highlighting the difference between the biblical gospel and Rome’s gospel of self-righteousness.

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You may view more videos on the Alpha and Omega Ministries YouTube channel.

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