The Great Debate I – The Marian Doctrines Debate

The Affirmative response to the debate question was represented by: Dr. Gerry Matatics.

The Negative response to the debate question was represented by: Dr James R White.

This is an excellent teaching tool to learn more about Protestant doctrine versus the teachings of the RCC (i.e. Roman Catholic Church). I encourage you to view the debate.

Taped on Long Island in August of 1996, James White debates Gerry Matatics on the subject of the Marian Dogmas: Immaculate Conception, Perpetual Virginity, Bodily Assumption, Queenly Coronation and Mediation of Mary. Are these dogmas about Mary true as the church in Rome claims, or what Protestants say about Mary is true: she was uniquely chosen by God to bear the Messiah and raised Him up like any normal mother, that she had marital relations with her husband, Joseph, and that she was a sinner like all of mankind? A fast-paced debate that is quite the primer if one is studying the Marian dogmas.

Disclaimer: The sound for this video was taken off of the room so its not the best. We did the best that we could to clean up and amplify it to make it more audible. Visit the store at

You may view more videos on the Alpha and Omega Ministries YouTube channel.

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