Bahnsen vs Sproul: Deep Dive Debate Review (Part 2)

The following video is part two of a debate series review on the debate between Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen and Dr. RC Sproul. Presuppositional Apologetics and Classical Apologetics collide.

Eli was invited onto the Wise Disciple YouTube channel to help review a debate between Greg Bahnsen & RC Sproul on the topic of apologetic methodology. What happened instead was a 2 hour deep dive into presuppositionalism. They also cover the details of the interaction between Bahnsen and Sproul. Enjoy part 2!

Eli Ayala is the founder of Revealed Apologetics.

5 responses to “Bahnsen vs Sproul: Deep Dive Debate Review (Part 2)”

  1. How long have you listened to Revealed APologetics YT channel? I was humbled to be on the show some time ago


    1. Not a long time but I like his material. Very cool to hear you were on there. You’ll have to give me the link to the video to watch it.

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      1. This was OUTSTANDING!!! Your comments were very insightful and practical. I also enjoyed your pastoral perspective. You did a phenomenal job!

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