Bahnsen vs Sproul: Deep Dive Debate Review (Part 1)

The following video is part one of a debate series review on the debate between Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen and Dr. RC Sproul. Presuppositional Apologetics and Classical Apologetics collide.

Eli was invited onto the Wise Disciple YouTube channel to help review a debate between Greg Bahnsen & RC Sproul on the topic of apologetic methodology. What happened instead was a 2 hour deep dive into presuppositionalism. They also cover the details of the interaction between Bahnsen and Sproul. Enjoy part 1!

Eli Ayala is the founder of Revealed Apologetics.

3 responses to “Bahnsen vs Sproul: Deep Dive Debate Review (Part 1)”

  1. Wow awesome; grateful for Eli in the YT channel

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    1. Really good stuff. I like the long material; however, I am glad he does the short take videos for the digital generation whose focus may not be as long. More of an opportunity for them to view and retain.

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      1. Ah true; I think that’s why he’s doing short intro on Presup currently


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