The Temper of Christ

Below is an excerpt from Dr. Benjamin Grosvenor's (1675 - 1758): The Temper of Christ..

"Go into all nations and offer this salvation as you go. But lest the poor house of Israel should think themselves abandoned to despair, the seed of Abraham, mine ancient friend, as cruel and unkind as they have been, go, make them the first offer of grace; let those who struck the rock drink first of its refreshing streams, and those who drew my blood be welcome to its healing virtue. Tell them that as I was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, so, if they will be gathered, I will be their shepherd still. Though they despised my tears that I shed over them and imprecated my blood to be upon them, tell them 'twas for their sakes I shed both, that by my tears I might soften their hearts toward God and by my blood I might reconcile God to them...Tell them, you have seen the prints of the nails on my hands and feet and the wounds of the spear in my side, and that those marks of their cruelty are so far from giving me vindictive thoughts that if they will but repent, every wound they have given me speaks in their behalf, pleads with the Father for the remission of their sins, and enables me to bestow it...Nay, if you meet that poor wretch who thrust the spear into my side, tell him there is another way, a better way, of coming at my heart. If he will repent and look on him whom he has pierced and will mourn, I will cherish him in that very bosom he has wounded; he shall find the blood he shed an ample atonement for the sin of shedding it. And tell him from me, he will put me to more pain and displeasure by refusing this offer of my blood than when he first drew it forth."

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