Teaching Series: 1 Corinthians – Part 1

Highly Recommended! Dr Gordon Fee provides clear teaching on how (and how not) to read our Bibles. Describing the Bible as, “The word of God given in the words of men in history” he invites us to approach scripture on our knees and with our eyes wide open. That is, positioned in complete obedience to God’s word but using our eyes to fully understand what it is saying to us today.

Gordon emphasizes the necessity of asking three questions when we read texts from the Bible. What did it mean then? What was God trying to say to them? What is God trying to say to us? Gordon gives a clear introduction to the practice of exegesis and hermeneutics in this powerful and sometimes humorous message.

This message is Part 1 of the “1st Corinthians Series” by Dr Gordon Fee, but is well worth watching on it’s own.

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