The Great Debate: Does God Exist?

Greg Bahnsen

Greg Bahnsen (M.Div., Th.M. Westminster Theological Seminary, Ph.D., University of Southern California) was Scholar-in-Residence at the Southern California Center for Christian Studies, in Irvine. A distinguished scholar, author, and debater, he wrote and lectured extensively in the areas of apologetics and biblical law.
He was an American Reformed philosopher and a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He is also considered a contributor to the field of Christian apologetics, as he popularized the presuppositional method of Cornelius Van Til.

Gordon Stein

Gordon Stein was a popular lecturer and debater, and served as editor of the American Rationalist. He was also the author of more than 600 published book reviews and some 200 articles, many dealing with freethought history. While Gordon Stein was often critical of American Atheists and its leadership, he was nevertheless an important figure in the movement for Reason, secularism and non-belief for nearly two decades. His works constitute an important element in the bibliography of Atheism and skepticism.

Debate Format

Bahnsen's - 1st Opening Statement
Stein's - 1st Opening Statement
Bahnsen Cross-Examines Stein
Stein Cross-Examines Bahnsen
Bahnsen - 1st Rebuttal
Stein - 1st Rebuttal
Stein's - 2nd Opening Statement
Bahnsen's - 2nd Opening Statement
Stein Cross-Examines Bahnsen
Bahnsen Cross-Examines Stein
Stein's - 2nd Rebuttal
Bahnsen's - 2nd Rebuttal
Stein's Closing Statement
Bahnsen's Closing Statement
Question and Answer

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