A morning hymn by Ambrose of Milan

The following is from pages 210-211 in Nick Needham's church history series: 2000 Years of Christ's Power Volume 1.

O Brightness of the Father's endless glory,
Spread far and wide the beauty of Your light;
O dazzling fountain, perfect Dayspring dawning,
Banish the blinding shadows of the night!

O Christ, true Sun of righteousness arising,
May Your unblinking beam within us shine;
O plant deep down within our torpid senses
The fiery Spirit's burning to refine!

We worship, too, our holy God and Father,
The Wellspring of all-powerful saving love;
O glorious Father, lord of timeless ages,
All disobedience from our hearts remove!

O breathe Your strength within our mortal weakness,
Cast down the pride of Satan's vaunting power;
Transform our trials into grace-filled triumphs;
Reveal Your wisdom every waking hour.

O guide our minds, and keep our thoughts from straying,
Sustain our limbs to give You service strong;
Nourish our faith with flame of love's pure blazing;
Cleanse us from hatred, free us from all wrong.

Christ be the bread we eat for life eternal,
Let us drink deep of faith as heavenly wine:
O joyful Spirit, fill us with Your sweetness,
Tasting Your sober ecstasy divine!

O grant that this new day may flow in gladness,
With modesty like blushing dawn's first ray,
And faith that shines as sun's meridian splendour,
Our thoughts kept free from gloomy evening grey.

Behold the dawn now rising in its radiance;
In Christ we see a brighter, better Dawn:
Pure Son of truth made manifest by Father,
The Father in His Logos fully known.

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