A Tomb in Jerusalem Reveals the History of Crucifixion and Roman Crucifixion Methods

Did the Romans invent crucifixion? Have there been known physical remains from a crucifixion? Was crucifixion reserved only for execution? Here is a link to an article by the Biblical Archaeology Society Staff that will answer all these questions and more. For further archaeological information, be sure to scroll down in the same article to read the original report Crucifixion, The Archaeological Evidence by Vassilios Tzaferis. Enjoy archaeology! 🙂

The practice of crucifixion in antiquity was brought to life as never before when the heel bones of a young man named Yehohanan were found in a Jerusalem tomb, pierced by an iron nail. The discovery shed new light on Roman crucifixion methods and began to rewrite the history of crucifixion in antiquity. Photo: ©Erich Lessing

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